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Many times we think that genetics condemns us and actually teaches us how to take better care of ourselves. Because we are not all the same! This is one of the main mistakes in formulas and recommendations. A comprehensive genetic mapping is oriented not only to see results but to relate them to your current life, pathologies and help you with personalized recommendations.


The study receives you at home and you only have to take the salivary sample, it is very simple.

Some genetic markers that we can evaluate:

  • Reaction to omega 3 and omega 9 fats
  • Vitamins B2, B6, B12, B9, A, E, C, E
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Sweet taste perception
  • Satiety
  • Sensitivity to salt and risk of high blood pressure
  • Energy metabolism
  • Fat loss with aerobic exercise
  • Risk of obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol, cancer, thrombosis.
  • Stress and consumption of antioxidants.

And many more! I will also put together the food plan based on your preferences and nutrigenomic foods that help to modulate the genetic manifestation, preventing diseases and helping health.


It includes:

  • Zoigen Genetic Mapping with Nutrition, Exercise, Health, Skin and Ancestry Results!
  • Personalized return of behavioral form, medical history and weight
  • Access to the workshop "Get to know yourself for change"
  • Personalized eating plan with the results and your goal with an interchangeable weekly menu based on the foods of your preference and recommended.
  • 5 personalized and easy to make recipes!
  • Recommendations for each genetic result and armed with a personal nutritional and behavioral profile.
  • App with daily messages counts steps and food record
  • Video library and exclusive activities on food education and psychonutrition
  • One month of follow-up with reception of inquiries 24/7
  • Discount with professionals and affiliated businesses.

El tiempo de envio es dependiendo la región. Valido para Estados Unidos y Argentina. Consultar otras partes del mundo. Recibirá para realizarse el estudios con las indicaciones de cada paso. Será comunicado del envio. Cuando confirme la recepción estaremos disponibles para cualquier inquietud. Para devolverlo tendra a contraenvio las direccipon actualizada. Al ser recibido en el laboratorio y confirmado los resultados se dará paso hacer el plan alimentario donde previamente tendra que brindar la información necesaria. Esto suele tardar de 30 a 45 días. En todo momento usted sabra el proceso y contará con nuestro contacto.Desde la recepción del menú de comidas, lo acompañaremos un mes de seguimiento conductual, motivacional. No hay reembolso una vez enviado el kit de toma de muestra.


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