Day 1: Weight, life and habits history

Day 2: Daily motivation

Day 3: Food registration and moods

Day 4: When to eat carbohydrates

Day 5: What are proteins?

Day 6: Where are the healthy fats?

Day 7: Strength and cardio exercise.

Day 8: What exercise should I do?

Day 9: Write my self-goals

Day 10: Happiness and food

Day 11: Genes Teach You, They Don't Condemn You

Day 12: Curb the urge to food

Day 13: Food flexibility

Day 14: Complicit monologues

Day 15: Thank you

Day 16: Brain Rewards

Day 17: Dieting circuits

Day 18: Gesture tools

Day 19: Mindful bites

Day 20: Food self-inquiry

Day 21: My tools

21 days  to learn to eat and recognize food to create your own tools.

What are you going to learn?

Identify nutrients;  learn to manage portions; set self-objectives and meet them !; what is your relationship with food and how to modify it ...

I tell you everything that helped me to lose 60kg / 130 lb
A video and a daily activity

Learn to
eat everything!

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